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Readying Teams To Participate and Thrive In The Age of AI

At VagaVang (Vagabond Vanguard), our mission is to guide businesses and individuals through the transformative journey of AI adoption.

With a background as a Deloitte Consultant in the Strategy & Operations Analytics practice, I have served Fortune 500 companies, large government entities, and healthcare clients on projects involving product development, big data, strategy, operations improvement, & change management. While staffing and leading the teams that deliver outstanding results

My experience extends to product management roles at startups, larger contract clients, & small businesses in a number of sectors. Today, my focus is on assisting organizations in building their own AI-enabled products and retraining their workforce for the age of AI.

Focus Areas

AI | Entrepreneurship | Workforce Retooling

Our newsletter covers the following key themes:

  • AI Insights: We share our learnings and experiences in AI, discussing the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Entrepreneurship: We explore how entrepreneurs can leverage AI to build innovative products and grow their businesses.
  • Workforce Retooling: We provide insights and resources to help individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in the age of AI.
  • Tools & Learnings: We recommend essential tools, books, and frameworks to help you make the most of AI in your work and life.
VagaVang Seismic Waves


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